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The activities and methods used will follow the Indonesian Peat and Mangrove Restoration Agency’s “3R’s” approach:

1. Revegetation:

Planting areas which were burned.

  1. Set up new Community Nurseries with training and resources provided.
  2. Purchase seedlings grown from these nurseries so that they can be replanted in degraded areas.
  3. All seedlings that are planted will be monitored and protected.
  4. Local participation within the villages will be encouraged by providing funds for the nurseries, and by purchasing seedlings in bulk.

c. Seedlings will be monitored and protected.

d. Local participation will be encourages.

2. Rewetting: 

Blocking illegal logging canals which have been dug into the peat.

  1. Peat rewetting will be done by building dams to block the illegally dug drainage canals, keeping the water in the peat.
  2. Hydrology monitoring will be performed on all canals blocked. Equipment will be installed in order to monitor the impact of canal blocking on the hydrological restoration of the area.

3. Revitalisation (of livelihoods): 

Implement land rehabilitation and cultivation by introducing crops that show high growth and income potential. The project will also engage with fishermen to reduce their use of fire and help them develop sustainable aquaculture.

  1. Paludiculture will be introduced to smallholders. Training will be provided, and land rehabilitation and harvesting methods will be trialled.
  2. Project participants and other local stakeholders will be encouraged to commit to reduce the use of burning.
  3. Work to increase concept awareness and engagement by holding training sessions and workshops.